Portfolio Management

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We manage investment portfolios for a select number of individuals and families, investing assets in publicly traded stock, bond and cash markets. Each portfolio is customized and unique, reflecting our clients' needs and goals.

Our open architecture approach provides access to premier non-proprietary separate account managers around the country — proven professionals who specialize in specific investment types. This best-in-class approach yields not only low cost, tax efficient management, but also performance that is measurable against recognized benchmarks. We continually evaluate performance to ensure our clients' assets are invested by the most talented investment professionals. Our selection of managers is completely unbiased, as we receive no commissions or other financial benefits based on the selection of managers.

Alternative Investments

A client's portfolio size, asset allocation plan, or investment objective may warrant access to top-quality alternative investments, including hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and venture capital offerings. We monitor investor correspondence and advise clients as to tax, liquidity, and other financial considerations pertaining to these complex investments. New Wealth Advisors is not compensated in any way by the sponsors of these investment vehicles.

Consolidated Reports

A common characteristic of new wealth is an accumulation of many diverse investments, business interests and accounts. Determining the value and distribution of one's assets can become a full-time job. We alleviate that confusion by providing consolidated investment reports — unified snapshots of assets that provide the basis for clear analysis and decision-making.